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Three Pagodas Pass (22)

I chat to a van driver who offers trips across into Burma to see the sights to Thai people. He tells me the law is being changed next year, and he's brushing up on his English for the tourists. Around the border post, the main goods that seem to be traded are wooden or brewed in wood! Whiskey, some of it in giant bottles!

But familiar brands like Red Label, and a local blend, Pipers line the stalls.

The seller tells me that rich Thais and Burmese like to show off big bottles of whiskey on their shelves as a show of wealth! Wood crafts and jewelry are another big export from Myanmar. I did some jewelry shopping, with topaz and gemstones plentiful.

Three Pagoda Pass

Yep, I'll get one of those. We recommend that you overnight in Sangkhla Buri which has a wide variety of accommodation choices, including some clean and comfortable guesthouse situated around Khao Laem Reservoir, a vast, beautiful artificial lake that covers most of the Sangkhla Buri district. Sangkhla Buri, which is very much off the tourist trail, is a true frontier town located among magnificent mountain peaks, with the pristine Khao Laem Reservoir a stunning highlight of this isolated region.

A long wooden bridge purported to be the longest wooden bridge in Thailand separates the two sides and their cultures.

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In addition to the amazing mountain scenery, there are all sorts of local attractions in Sangkhla Buri within easy walking distance — such as the Burmese-style Wat Wang Wiwekaram temple and the meter-long wooden bridge itself. From time to time, foreign tourists can also venture to the Myanmar side of Three Pagodas Pass on a special day pass and explore the fascinating town of Payathonsu and its market in Kayin State.

Mandalay Markets and Fine Food. Khiri Travel Myanmar would like to present a full-day culinary tour of Mandalay. There are no temples. Chin State, the western most division of Myanmar bordering India and Bangladesh, is the new frontier of exciting adventure travel in a previously off-limits area of Southeast Asia.

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The first thing I looked for when I took the book up was a map showing the line. There is no reference to a map in the table of contents. Nor is there a list of the photographs, which are inserted after page 64, but the second illustration is a photograph of a sketch map drawn by Escritt.

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