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But there are also sleepless nights, endless car pools, disappointments and potential problems at every step of the way. Anthropologist David Guttman spoke of the "chronic emergency of parenthood". In this book, psychiatrist Calvin A.

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Colarusso, M. With wit and wisdom, he elaborates on the pleasures and travails of one of life's most profound experiences. Finding Happiness in Parenthood, the Toughest, Most Fulfilling Job Ever provides parents with a roadmap for raising their children, guiding them around potholes, and providing scenic overviews to enhance the pleasure of this most fascinating of life's journeys.

Please allow notifications to be able to download files. We'll see! Zum einen gibt es die 45 Minuten, die 3Sat am 7. Dezember sendete. Klar erkennbar, dass da noch die ersten 8 Songs des Sets fehlen s.

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News vom Februar 0. Wer also Interesse an einer Kopie hat, der schreibe uns kurz eine Mail bitte Postanschrift nicht vergessen. Bruce Halper via Facebook: " Thanks for coming to the Casa Maria benefit last night and supporting people in need and bringing food and love! Thanks to the musicians who participated, too!

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God Sham God.. Well, how was the tour to Germany and beyond? The 17 hour trip home from Frankfurt to Houston to Tuscon was painfull but hey, i am home and it's sunny outside! Also playing a bit lower volume by turing my amp around and now blowing everyone away.. I did apologise.. I think so but we have no shows right now.

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I think pretty good.. I like playing the smaller towns.. Berlin is the exception.. Plus we are playing dec. The Hut cuz of Finnie one of 3 owners who is the coolest guy around.. I like playing free shows at Gudalupe's Casa Maria..

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Will you make another Luminarios album? And what do the people expect from you musically and are you delivering this? First off, me and Pres.

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Edgar Heckann from Blue Rose get along really well.. He and I have a good relationship. No contracts.. We are family really. I think Edgar wants me to record a heavier record next time and I am going to deliver just that.

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In the last 3 years since i have been dating Lisa Novak and writing and singing with her, I have been allot more conscious about singing and learning to write different kind of songs and i think we have done that Lisa is a great singer who does the majority of harmonizing with me now. I am very proud of our singing together plus Ken's harmonies really make the band sound different and special.. Singing this well was never a priority before in the Luminarios especially during the Mike Davis era when were very loud.

As far as what the fans want.. I know a few people miss the old days of being really loud but that is life. I am almost 53 and my musical priorities have changed but I will return with another blistering rock album.. I love him..

In the 15 years of touring Germany, have you become more succesful? No, not really. Like all business' there have been ups and downs and I think I have held steady with the German fans. I feel like I have weathered some tough times. What makes your relationship between the German fans and you so special? They accept me for who I am and they like my songs and guitar playing. In my music, i share my soul with them and they seem to enjoy my spirit. I am deeply honored to my fans. I made it home safely tonight. Rich and I talked about how sweet the birthday party and being at your home was on Sunday.

Thank you for everything you do! Jon is still somewhere in Europe! It is hard to believe we were all together for breakfast and now 12 hours later back in Houston We will miss you and Marion and everyone's love! George schreibt via Facebook kurz und knapp: " I feel the same way about you and Marion as you guys feel for us Lisa too!

We love you and honored to be a part of your lives too. Your birthday s were amazing and I hope to remember it forever.

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  • Tell frau marion to start making some more potato salad! We love you and will miss you dearly. I recieved some invites and I think for May might be the time before European world cup. After 15 hours of travel. It was a great moment. I had fun hanging out with you and your family too. Stay in touch! Thanks for a great time and the potato salad! We miss you guys already! I was glad to get to share your special birthday with you! It was a great tour Thanks to everyone who sent me photos from the shows! Jon und seine Freundin Claire sind inzwischen nach Holland weitergereist und werden gemeinsam mit ihrer Band namens "Paraguay" welch interessante Namensparallele 5 Konzerte bei unseren Nachbarn bestreiten.

    Rich Hopkins im "N. Blues" aus dem Album 'Ka-Ju-Tah'.

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    • Mag sein, dass der eine oder andere es als cool empfindet, seinem Hero so nah zu sein.