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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Snowblind. To me there is nothing quite like reading a book about characters braving the icy cold- while I am snuggled all safe and sound indoors- with the wind howling and the snow swirling about outside my window. Strange occurrences, unexplained deaths- families left devastated. When the weather forecast calls for another super-storm- people become nervous and edgy, and when the snow starts falling- it becomes apparent that something evil came along with it I wasn't a fan of the way the ending was wrapped up- but after sitting with it for a couple of days, I decided that despite its flaws this was a 4-star read for me.

View all 14 comments. Nov 08, Valentina rated it it was ok. Although the premise sounded fascinating, this book did not live up to its promise. It was classified as a horror story, but it had too dull a middle to make a great impact on the readers. One of the biggest issues this book has is that t has too many characters. The author was trying to create a kind of small town feeling by introducing us to many people who lived through the blizzards in a particular town.

This tactic works very well if you know how to go about executing it. Someone like Steph Although the premise sounded fascinating, this book did not live up to its promise. Someone like Stephen King is a master at this.

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The problem in this novel is that none of the characters are developed enough to have personalities all their own, so they start to bleed into one another. As I read, I found myself wondering who a particular name referred to, which should not happen. The characters need to have unique voices that are not mistaken for other people.

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The pace was also a problem. The author had to pump us full of back-stories, showing us what each of the characters had been up to in that time. It slowed the action down too much to stay interesting. View all 5 comments. Yes, I read this during the heat of summer. This book gets points for its descriptions of an icy cold hell but, most to my dismay because I was truly looking forward to it, it never moved above a 3 star read for me. As you can guess from the title, a blizzard strikes.

But this is no run of the mill blizzard. Now this is where my problems begin and end. The setup was pretty great, I was getting into the story and enjoying getting to know the many characters who were introduced and poof! And many of them have moved on, as you will, and have hooked up with others. You get the drift. It was bothersome for someone who has such a piss-poor memory but wait because it gets worse.

The people who went missing or died begin to inhabit the bodies of living people and then my confusion is upped to a whole new level. Oh my poor tired brain. It may be my fault for listening to this as an audiobook. In the end, it reminded me most of a middle of the road Dean Koontz novel. View all 3 comments. When the weather outside is frightful, reading snowy horror is so delightful!

Then sweep off the side When the weather outside is frightful, reading snowy horror is so delightful! Then sweep off the sidewalk to get to the driveway so you can shovel it in order to clean off your car before you can even start it up. So much easier to just stay inside and read about reasons why you shouldn't go through all that mess. Enter Snowblind, which features snow wraiths that ride the blizzard wind and drag people to their icy deaths. Hell yeah! Only, ehh.


I think the idea behind this one is better than the actual execution of it. I liked it, it was good, but not great. I never really connected with any of the characters and I felt that there was just too much non-horror filler for my tastes. I get that Golden was trying to show us Small Town America, and get us to be horrified at the prospect of these nice and some not so nice people being murdered by swirling snow creatures, but the build up was so long that rather than creating a sense of "Oh no! I really hope nothing happens to this character!

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  8. The action bookends this dull middle section that gives a lot of character details, but still doesn't really work to make me care all that much about them. When you add in that there were some editing and detail issues - typos and weird sentence structures and even a case of one character forgetting which city she lives in Seattle to Portland? I wanted to like this one a whole lot, and considering that Golden is an award-winning writer, I really expected a bit more than I got here.

    Still, it wasn't bad, and I do think that it's better than much of the garbage out there in the world, but I'm getting picky in my old age, and this one just needed another run through the polisher to smooth out all the wrinkly bits. Nov 06, Marvin rated it it was amazing Shelves: autographed , horror. I'm tempted to say Snowblind is a traditional ghost story but it isn't really.