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Kaske, Carol V. Mount Purgatory fills the place of Mount Sinai in the re-enactment of the Exodus and also by virtue of its earthquake, its unapproachability, and its guardian. It shares with the mountain which the pilgrim sees in the Prologue Scene the Sinaitic trait of inaccessibility, but like the New Law in contrast with the old and Natural Laws it can finally be attained with the help of Virgil practical reason , humility, and grace.

Hell, as its inverted cut-out image, contrasts with it as the Old or Mosaic Law contrasts with the New, inciting to virtue by condemnation and fear. Two earthquakes—one of Mount Purgatory and one of Hell—causing faintness in the pilgrim represent Mount Sinai as law causing weakness in its inadequate human subjects. Cato acts as a Moses law-giver and seer of the New and Natural Laws, representing human moral effort and vision cooperating with grace.

Kaske, R. Reprint of the edition London, New York: E. Levenson, Jon D.

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The author finds the basis for a fuller understanding of Piero in the phenomenon of estrangement and its relationship to the use of language as dealt with by Martin Buber in his I and Thou. Lipson, Lawrence. Logan, J.

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Points out further number patterns in the central cantos of the Paradiso in support of C. Manca, Marie A. Doctoral dissertation, Yale University, Crane with respect to the two modes of Harmony according to Plato—seeking of transcendent order beyond discord, and Heraclitus—acceptance of discord as part of ultimate reality.

In Delos , No.

Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

Marshall, Roderick. Mathews, J. Presents a classified, descriptive list of works by and on Dante, including some non-literary items, originally accumulated by Longfellow and now preserved in the Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Meiklejohn, M. Meiss, Millard.

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Upon re-examination, Mr. Meiss finds the putative letters to be an accidental flaking off of the paint, and he does not consider the work attributable to Jacopo in any case. Miller, Stephen. Eliot, and Robert Lowell owe their ways of considering and describing the city to a body of classical and Christian conventions, while Whitman broke this tradition. Montano, Rocco. Contends that beyond being influenced by Virgil in terms of language, extended simile, and nature realism, Dante owed him a deeper, spiritual impact that brought him back to the Christian faith and to the vision of history as a manifestation of God, and away from Averroistic naturalism.

The author goes on to document this development of the poet in the Convivio , Monarchia , and Divina Commedia , showing how Dante recognized the intellectual and moral achievements of the ancients but at the same time saw that world represented by Aristotle as being in itself insufficient and sterile.

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It was Virgil who provided the inspiration of a higher vision that alone gave meaning to the world. Montgomery, Marion. Contends that Wordsworth was too much concerned with the things of nature to effect the kind of transubstantiation of love achieved by Dante through his lady. While he came to realize nature cannot function as Christ, as did Beatrice for Dante, neither was Lucy for him later the equivalent of a Beatrice figure as means of transcendence, because his was a false courtship of the Beloved.

The English poet failed to separate Wordsworth the Pilgrim from Wordsworth the Poet sufficiently to allow, like Dante, for the drama of becoming and thereby the transformation of the lyric to high comedy. Norton, Glyn P.

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Attempts to explain the use of serpents and the nature of retribution in the bolgia of the thieves Inf : XXIV-XXV in terms of archetypal patterns of the human search for individuation, integration of personality, and consolidation of consciousness according to Jungian psychology. Park, Dabney Glenn, Jr. Pellegrini, Anthony L. Perella, Nicolas J. Notices the contents of the Centennial issues of Books Abroad and Italica.

Piehler, Paul. Also, London: Edward Arnold. Powicke, F. Introduction by A. New York: Thomas Y.

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Priest, Paul Lambert. Puppo, Mario. Schlegel and Hegel; his distinctions between poetry and science, poetry and allegory, idea and art; and especially, his aesthetics as revealed in practical criticism such as in the essay on Pier della Vigna, representing a landmark in systematic application to critical interpretation of the concept of art as a living entity.

Radcliff-Umstead, Douglas. Briefly surveys the three major Italian poets of the last quarter of the thirteenth century, Guinizelli, Calvacanti, and Dante, stressing their conception of the transcendent effect of pure creature-love as their major contribution to the lyrical tradition. Roncaglia, Aurelio. Contrary to certain critics, the author does not see this episode among the demons in the nature of a digression or comic relief.

Rather, he finds a heightened artistic detachment on the part of the poet, with the comic element objectified and distantiated and, concomitantly, a widened distinction and distantiation between Dante-poet and Dante-protagonist. Rosenthal, Earl. Satin, Joseph.

Discusses the Hell theme in Macbeth, pointing out traits of darkness and sleeplessness and other parallels more specifically with the ninth circle of traitor-murderers in the Inferno. Whether or not Shakespeare actually read, Dante these parallels are seen as significantly enhancing the Hell theme in the play.

Salloch, Erika. Sarolli, Gian Roberto. Olschki Editore, Seller Rating:. Series: Oxford World's Classics. Num Pages: pages. Dimension: x x 8. Condition: Buon esemplare. Quaderni Sugarco - I Polipi. Size: 20,5cmx15cm. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Condition: Good to Worn. Oxford World's Classics Edition. A new translation by Mark Musa. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.