Guide Hope in the Storm

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Praise God he was safe during the hurricane, too.


Instead of one day. Praying for you, your family, and Joel. Thank you for sharing about the book. Glad he was safe through it all. That must have been so disappointing for you all. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks, Sarah. Dear Betsy, what a strong and trusting parent and child of God you are! Thank you for taking a stressful situation and turning it into a life lesson. Prayers and blessings for peace in the storm.

So true! Good day, Betsy! I pray you will have a glorious day, convinced and affirmed that your anchor holds strong. It is hard when you long to see a loved one and your hopes are disappointed. And I agree with Micah, it makes a difference when we can turn our focus toward God and His promises. Thanks for your encouragement, Dolly.


Hope, comfort, grace. May God wrap you in His arms. SO many truths in this post, Betsy. Thanks for sharing today, Betsy.

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Read my Privacy Policy here. Life changes quicker than you can blink when a storm hits.

Finding Hope in the Storm

No matter our past, He sets us free. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Choosing to lean into Him is our only hope.

For sure. Sending a big hug your way today …. The book sounds like a timely read for me. Thanks for sharing!

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It really is a good book, Jeanne. Blessings to you! Thanks for your words of encouragement, Joanne. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words and prayer over my blog. Both of the Galilee squalls revealed to the terrified disciples their own physical and spiritual limitations. When the storm is relational, God has equipped us to love and forgive. Some of the biggest tempests come within our own families.

When your mother disowns you, when your father cannot love you, when your son rebelsGod can enable us to love and forgive. The person who has wounded us may have no resources beyond herself, but we do. Christ has shown us the way, that we are to forgive others as our Father has forgiven us. When hate and hurt are met with love and forgiveness, the storm may not end but we will find calm and peace.

This is one of the hardest parts of this storm narrative, when Jesus is stone-cold asleep while the disciples are sure their boat is about to sink. Not from the scriptures. Jesus pronounced blessing on our neediness—our hunger, our mourning, our persecutionknowing it would not end until heaven came down to earth. The apostle Paul assures us that nothingnot danger or sword or famine or persecution or life or even death none of these calamities separate us from the love of God.

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God does not abandon us in our suffering. Those twelve terrified men waited until they were sure they would drown before they awakened Jesus. Of course.

I rather think they awakened him so he could take a turn at the oars. They certainly did not expect him to shout down the wind and seas. But they suffered and struggled in their ignorance and aloneness far longer than they needed to. Deliverance often looks different than we expect. We always want the storm to end, but The ultimate deliverance from our greatest enemy—sin and death—came in a shocking act: the promised long-awaited Messiah staked out on a Roman cross.

From violence and death springs life, hope, and redemption. I felt this truth so powerfully one day when our boat was about to sink. My husband and I were in rough water along an empty stretch of ocean. Our boat was disabled, taking on wave after wave. We were about to sink. But I knew in those moments that no matter what happened, even if we should die, we were still safe. My husband and I knew Jesus, knew He was with us and even death would not separate us. I believe Jesus rescued them both times not so much to save them from death, but to save them from a worse fatefrom disbelief.

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