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A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, but is not consumed by the reaction; hence a catalyst can be recovered chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction it has been used to speed up, or catalyze. For chemicals to react, their bonds must be rearranged, because the bonds in the products are different from those in the reactants. The slowest step in the bond rearrangement produces what is termed a transition state - a chemical species that is neither a reactant nor a product, but is an intermediate between the two.

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Energy is required to form the transition state. This energy is called the activation energy , or E a. Reading the diagram below from left to right shows the progress of a reaction as reactants pass through the transition state to become products. The activation energy can be thought of as a barrier to a chemical reaction, a hurdle that must be crossed. If the barrier is high, few molecules have sufficient kinetic energy to collide, form a transition state, and cross the barrier.

Reactants with energy lower than E a cannot pass through the transition state to react and become products.

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A catalyst works by providing a different route, with lower E a , for the reaction. Catalysts lower the energy barrier. Consequences of ageism affect women earlier than men and in unique ways. Learn about the experience of Emotional Tax by women of colour in Canada and the effects of empowering workplaces. Catalyst speakers will engage your audiences in a variety of ways, including keynote speeches, presentations, and panel discussions.

The groundbreaking Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator is the premier diagnostic tool to evaluate and monitor how teams and employees are experiencing inclusion. Skip to main content.

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Your browser does not support the video tag. Workplaces that work for women work for everyone. Let's get started. I am looking for Resources and solutions for making culture change. Tools to become a better manager How to advance my own career. How men can become champions of gender diversity.

Data and statistics on women in the workplace.

Read more. Inclusion Overcoming Conversation Roadblocks Infographic. Major Gifts Campaign.

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Now is the moment for your organization to be a catalyst for women in the workplace. Get ideas for how to serve as a role model for your male peers. November 28, Join us to explore how to address the obstacles and solutions to creating a more inclusive work environment, and one where men can contribute fully and authentically. Not only do men want the option, but workplaces and organizations can benefit from giving it.

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Here are my picks for books that help women become more authentic, effective leaders. Explore how you can take action to stop sexual harassment in your workplace and community. November 13, This webinar will provide tips and tools to help employers create more inclusive workplaces for all employees regardless of their gender identity. Engaging Men.

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November 26, The support and advocacy of men is a critical but often untapped resource in diversity and inclusion work. Japan Next Generation for Leadership, Japan. December 03, What will the next generation bring to your organization? December 11, Join this webinar to hear about the Catalyst Canada Honours recognition program, eligibility criteria, and how to nominate an outstanding corporate leader for this prestigious honour in Manager Development Speakers Bureau. Manager Development Microlearning: Knowledge Bursts.

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Microburst learnings quickly upskill middle managers on inclusive behaviors to support change. Inclusion Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator. Inclusion Ask Catalyst.

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Do you have a question about women in the workplace? The Catalyst Information Center can help. Change is in the air.